Black Ass Niggas with Tattoos

28 Sep

Ok what I never understood is why dark skinned people get tattoos. Oh word you too? Yea, doesn’t make sense right. I can see them like “Aye Mr. Tattoo man, can u tattoo this black ink on my black ass skin so nobody can read it” Really nigga? Thats like the teacher using black chalk to write on the board. NOBODY CAN SEE THAT SHIT. Its completely pointless to me. That’s like Akon writing a girls number on his hand cuz he forgot his phone in the car. That nigga aint gonna be able to see that . Or like a search party looking for Wesley Snipes at 1am with no flashlights.  One time I literally seen this women pull out a candle and her reading glasses to read this nigga tattoos.  So, some of yall soysauce looking brothers need to stay out the tattoo shop.  So save ya money and one day u can get the Michael jackson surgery so u can be tatted like us light skinned dudes.  =)

By: @OreosOverHoes

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Posted by on September 28, 2010 in Random Rants


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